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To manage registered users on - After you login to your Website Administration Dashboard:

1.  From the Dashboard Menu on the left, select the link to Users.

2.  Select All Users

3.  Check the box in front of the user you want to change

4.  Open the Drop down list "Change role to"

5.  Select the role you want to change the user to

6.  Select Apply




The User Page lists all the existing users for your site. Each user has one of 5 pre-defined roles or one of 4 custom defined roles. You can view registered users by Role by selecting the link to that Role at the top of the list of users.

To see more users, use the page navigation buttons on the top (or bottom) right.

7.  To review or edit details for an individual user, select the link to their username.

For more Help and Instructions related to this page (or on any page from the Wordpress Site Administration Dashboard), select the Help dropdown arrow on the top right.



Remember to Logout when done.

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