How to manage DNS using Plesk 12.5 on the ConnectWorkz Cloud

Admin -


- A customer account on the ConnectWorkz Cloud

- Access to your SOA records at your domain registrar

 To edit your DNS records using Plesk, you must first point your domain NS/SOA records to and Contact your registrar for help with this.


Accessing your DNS Records

1. Login to Plesk 12.5 on the ConnectWorkz Cloud by navigating to your domain name followed by :8443. Eg:

2. Enter your customer username and password. Contact the support desk if you do not yet have a username and password.

3. Find the domain you wish to edit DNS records for, and select the "DNS Settings" tile.


DNS Management Options

Across the top of your "DNS Settings" page, you will find several options:

"Enable" or "Disable"

This toggles the ConnectWorkz DNS service for this domain. It must be enabled to edit your records.


This setting should be ignored.

"Add Record"

Use this option to add any sort of record (eg, A, CNAME, or MX).


After selecting one or more records via their checkboxes, you can remove them here.

"Apply DNS Template"

Select this to revert to the basic DNS settings for a ConnectWorkz site. 


How to add or edit a new record

1. Select the "Add Record" option. To edit an existing record, select it from the list.

2. Select the type of record.

3. If this record applies only to a subdomain, enter the subdomain in the "Domain name" field. If it applies to the main domain, leave this field blank.

4. Enter a value. For an A record, this mustbe an ipv4 address (eg: For a CNAME or MX record, it must be a hostname (eg: A TXT record can contain almost any alphanumeric value.

You should never add an NS, SRV or PTR record. 




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