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When you first sign in to our Support Desk and Online Knowledge Base, you will see the knowledge base articles listed in the main content area, You can scroll down the page to review instructions and articles, or use the search box to search for articles.

From the main Support Desk Page, you can also:

Review your past and pending cases

On the top right of the Support Desk Main page, select the drop down arrow next to your username, and then select the link to My Activities.



On the My Activity page, you will see:

1) a list of of your cases

2) the status of cases


If you don't see a case, you can

3) Search for cases, or

4) Filter the cases displayed by status

To review the details of a case,

5) select the Subject of the case you want to review


Update an existing Case

After 5) clicking on the "SUBJECT" title of the case you want to review or update, you will be taken to the Case detail page.

On the Activity detail page you can:

6) Review the case history

7) Review details about the case

8) Add additional comments or questions to the case, and

9) Upload files to be attached to the case


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