How to Clear Your Browsers Cache

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Have you ever found your self asking "why did my web page not change after I updated it"?

The most common reason this occurs is because web browsers store some parts of web pages on your computer so they load more quickly.  The first solution to try is to clear your browser's cache.

When you first visit a web page, it often takes a while to load, right? But the next page you visit within that site doesn't take so long to load. This is because, in an effort to be helpful, the browser stores the information on your computer so it reloads it from your computer, not from the actual site. This is called the cache and it is meant to speed up your Internet browsing.The Internet browser stores files and information for the browser to reuse when the page is refreshed or viewed again.

The problem comes when you make a small change to your site and the browser doesn't recognize it as a significant change, so it reloads the same page you just looked at. The solution is to clear or empty your browser's cache.

Clearing the Browser Cache

Normally, to see the changes on your page, you click the Refresh button on the browser toolbar or press the F5 key on your keyboard. In many cases, this simply reloads the page without clearing the browser's cache.

You can find instructions with screenshots on how to clear the cache for all major browsers at the following page:

How to Clear Your Browsers Cache


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